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Upgraded NapisPak© Kiosk!
NapisPak is a proprietary, breakthrough software package that helps AAAs increase productivity and streamline operations while significantly reducing their expenses. With State/County budget cutbacks, reducing expenses is a critical issue. Our clients typically see 40% to 150% improvements in key operating metrics such as, data entry, State and Federal reporting and operational efficiency.
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Access and Functional Needs Registry (InDEP©)
10/17/12 - Registry Connects Functional Needs Residents to Safety During Emergencies (Government Technology)
7/7/10 - If disaster strikes, Warrensburg company offers program to help find people with access and functional needs
Jack Miles (The Daily Star-Journal)
9/19/06 - Database Protects the Vulnerable
Doug Moore (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Innovative Disaster Evacuation Planning (InDEP©) software allows agencies to track access and functional needs clients and shelter resources by location using state-of-the-art integrated mapping software!
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Ready Corps©
Match resources, skills, and abilities in the CERT program, church, or volunteer group with the needs in the community.
Innovative Data Systems Software Products
Software Product Description
MyVaultMail© This HIPAA compliant system allows you to send and receive secure mail with anyone with an email address and an Internet browser.
Ready Corps© Match resources, skills, and abilities in the CERT program, church, or volunteer group with the needs in the community.
InDEP© InDEP© is premier disaster evacuation planning software for agencies that serve access and functional needs populations. InDEP© will help agencies identify those in need by location and will enable providers to handle their needs during an emergency or disaster.
NapisPak© NapisPak© is a software program designed specifically for state and area agency personnel to track clients and services for reporting.
NapisPak© Kiosk Minimize your staff effort in NAPIS service tracking with our new fully automated KIOSK!!!
NapisState© NapisState© is a new program designed to allocate budgets for agencies and providers, individualize budgets to satisfy rules and requirements, and produce graphs and charts. It’s SRT reporting ready and Excel compatible. Use past records to produce forecasts for future projections.
Case Management© Manage client information effectively. With Case Management© you have a single entry point for all levels of service providers.
Workers' Compenstation & Trust Management© Use this program to manage financial records. Transfer data into your accounting software, track insurance information and billing history, view financial summaries, and generate reports. With this software you can track injuries to completion, electronically submit claims, track calls by time, perform keyword searches for past cases, arrange follow-ups, and make notes.
Ombud 4.0© With Ombud 4.0©:
  • Track cases and/or complaints for nursing home residents
  • Maintain a secure database
  • Record volunteer time and information
  • Generate reports
OmbState© With OmbState©, State representatives can:
  • Manage nursing home agencies to view statewide reports on cases and/or complaints of residents
  • Securely import data from agencies reports instantly
  • Import files to ONE database
  • Automate annual NORS and quarterly reporting
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